giovedì 2 agosto 2007

K as Kathy, K as Kiss

I'm aswering to you, Kathy....
I know, I left by my blog's english version. I'm so sorry! I promise I try to write more in english.
I'm happy for your next trip, it'll be great! Guatemala seems to be a lovely place to discover. Have a great time there!!!
Big Kiss to you!!!

Translating now:
We've just finished organising our trip to US!!! We did it all through internet! I really don't remember the last time I went into a travel agency!!!
Flight: bought. Hostel in Boston: reserved. Hotel in Newport: reserved and it also incledes meals.Internal fllights: bought too. Hotel in Washington DC: reserved (and NIST is going to pay it for us, and it's a 4stars cathegory! Nice people you americans!).
I'm very excited. It's my first long journey and my first so far one... i'm planning all the things that I want to see, Newport it's quite little so it'll be easy to see e'thing. For Boston we have only a dinner there, it's not much but it's better than nothing. But in Washington I'll have a full week! Museum and art galleries are free, our hotel is downtown so also shopping will be near... I've already started reading my guide to find out what I won't miss...
I have also a desire (between many others): I'd like to visit Hartford... Obviously only because of 'The Gilmore girls'.... It's not far, but i'm so scared hanging around alone in the US! It's a big country. I can get lost!

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Kathy ha detto...

Ciao mia amica!

The Gilmore girls was filmed on a studio lot here in Los Angeles. I've actually been on it! It was not filmed in Hartford so you are not missing anything there as Hartford is not really a pretty place. So go to Washington and enjoy it!

I will miss you and wish you could come out to see me in LA. Alas, I will now have to come to see you in Barcelona. Happy me!

Quella ha detto...

Interesting to know.