domenica 23 settembre 2007

Times of Fiesta

These days here in BCN are very important. Tomorrow will be Patron Saint Day, but the celebrations has already started on Friday...
4 days of concerts in the streets, book market, wine taste along the arbour, fireworks, yoga on the beach, Sardana dancing (typical catalan dance), open museums, theatres at half prize, Correfoc (like the feast in Mataro' we went in july) and of course Castellers!
Castellers are human castle: men, women and also small chidren participate to it. The youngest children are about 4 years old and climb 7 or 8 levels of people... It might be almost 9 or 10 meters high, like a 3 floor building... And the only protection only the 2 little girls have is a crash elmet, compulsory since some years ago, after a baby died.
You now understand how much difficult, risky, and spectacular it is... We were very close, in the middle of them, and we could see their faces concentrated, their bodies trembling, while this small girls climbed to the top fast and easy like a spider.
We also saw a tower falling, people crushing in the inside of the construction, while the two little girls fell several meters in thin air to the bottom floor where other people cought them. It was such a fear...
Then Gabriele went to help making a tower, on the lower level, people climbing on his head and shoulders, pressed like sardine in a can... But it was great and exciting, and that tower was the tallest and the most beautiful.
Enjoy the pictures below...

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